Something New for Baby

I had a huge realization the other day that Baby #2 does not currently have anything bought/made just for her. While many of Daughter #1’s clothing and items were hand-me-downs from cousins, so much was given new and special just for her. I was just past my first trimester when her daddy came home from a business trip with an adorable stuffed wolf. This new baby doesn’t have so much as a new rattle…

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Until now. I made a special sweater for Daughter #1 to wear in her hospital first photos and special events. I spent the weekend using my free time (I have free time!) to make Baby #2 a baby cocoon and matching hat! I used the free pattern from the Knitless Knitter and altered it to be made of half-double crochets rather than triple crochets. It still worked up fast, but won’t have quite such a “holey” feel. Given this baby is born in December, the extra warmth might be welcome, too. I used a beautiful wool heather I’d bought to knit a sweater for myself (a task I still haven’t felt the courage to try). I just hope it is big enough: the HDCs made it a little less stretchy.

I know there are some tricky issues around throwing a shower for a 2nd baby, and I don’t really expect one (I have most of what I need saved from before) but I do think every baby needs a few special things, just for her.