Seven days until the world changes

Had the sudden realization yesterday that I only had eight more days of works. After today, that leaves only seven left. SEVEN. How did that happen?

What is it about transitions like this that no matter how you prepare, no matter how long you think about it and anticipate it, it still feels like it sneaks up on you? Your first day of college. Your wedding day. The arrival of your first child. The last day of school. The last day on the job. Time doesn’t matter to these transitions. Awareness doesn’t matter. Suddenly, they are just upon you like a surprise downpour on a sunny day.

Hope I’m ready for this? How do you make transitions easier? What transition took you by surprise?


Transition Time! Training and Exhaustion

Well, it is official: they’ve hired my replacement at work, and she started a week and a half ago. No going back now! I’ve been training her since that time, and hope to finish up formal training by this time next week.

It’s a rough ride. Seven years of work, seven years of information in my head that I’m trying to pass along to the best of my ability. It’s exhausting. I’m bouncing around between workstations and projects, worrying about things I’d have done by now, but knowing it is important for her to get her feet under her. I’m afraid of leaving loose ends.

I’m especially afraid of leaving loose ends. I had an early labor scare over two weeks ago. And while Baby seems to be staying put, tomorrow I will run out of the medicine they gave me to help slow/stop contractions. I feel huge, and tired, but not at all ready for our new little gal to make her entrance into the world.

The plan is to work until November 30, if I can, to tie up some of those loose ends. We’ll see if Baby cooperates!

My first “For the Last Time”

Yesterday, I had my first “last” moment. You know, a moment when you realize that you’ve done something you love (or hate) for the last time.

For the last 5 years, we have had a 350-450 person group come to campus (I’m an event manager at a college) that has challenged me, frustrated me, and also made me feel so appreciated for what I do. Each year, I’ve gone to their evening gatherings full of youth (7th-12th grade) and handed out a few prizes to the pumped up crowd. This happens four times during the course of the week, and yesterday was my last time for the week. And ever.

I told them it was my last time, and how special the group has been to me as I’ve watched them spend their week on campus each year, and how I know that they will be well taken care of after I’m gone. They went wild. They were on their feet, screaming and hollering and cheering. Made me feel like a rock star.

I went home and cried. Not for long, and not very hard, but it reminded me of the day I packed up all my Christmas ornaments separate from my family’s because I knew I’d be married and in my own house the following year. Something is changing; I’m moving into the unknown. Something big is changing, but something small reminds me of the change and how big it is.

I’m leaving a job I sometimes love and that sometimes makes me cringe and rage. That was one of the moments that I loved.

What were you touched by or sad to experience for the last time?