Bedtime Battles…

I think every parent deals with the perils of bedtime. My daughter, who has been pushing limits left and right, has been doing everything in her power to delay bedtime lately.

In part, I think she’s pushing because we’ve been pushing back so much. In four short months we’re going to have another little person in our midst, one with much less ability and much more need. SweetPea is going to have to start being a little more independent.

For the first time in a couple of days, we actually had a relatively pleasant evening. Only one short tantrum before meal time. However, once it was time for the bedtime routine (snack, stories, hugs, and bed) everything changed. She had her choice of two snacks. After asking her four times what she wanted and getting no answer, I said it was her last chance to answer or there would be no snack. No answer, no snack, followed by tears and screaming and asking for, “one more chance.”

It was Daddy’s turn to read stories (we trade off every other night) but she wanted Mommy. Another tantrum. Last time Daddy tried to read, she got no stories because she threw such a fit. Tonight, she finally calmed down. I always go in for a hug and a kiss after stories, and lately, she’s taken to begging me to “stay a little longer.” Sometimes I’ll give her a couple more minutes, and that is enough to appease her. Not yesterday, and not today.

I don’t know that a three-year-old is capable of emotional blackmail, but it sure feels that way when they are begging you to stay “because I love you” when you’re pretty sure she just loves delaying bedtime.

Okay parents. Tell us your battle stories, and what finally worked for you!


3 thoughts on “Bedtime Battles…

  1. My son throws up when he’s mad. It used to just be at bedtime when we’d lay him down. I there up having to put towels all around his crib so when he’d throw up it was a quicker clean up and then pop him right back in his crib. I had a hard time believing he was that manipulative before even turning 2 but my pediatrician said her son did the same thing. Tonight he pulled his puking stunt at swimming lessons because he didn’t want to get in the pool without me. He got a quick, cold shower and thrown right back in. He may be stubborn, but he gets it from me and I’ve had time to perfect my craft. Stay strong mom and dad!

  2. Just a thought… when she starts to throw a fit set a timer for 1 minute… tell her when the timer goes off she better be done screaming or it’s to bed with no snack or stories, just straight to bed, then walk away from her because she doesn’t deserve attention when she’s acting that way.

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