Ideas in Jars

One of the things I’m hoping to do with this blog is keep a running list of ideas for kids activities to help me stay busy – and sane –  with my little ones. Ran across this today in a Facebook post.

The “I’m Bored Jar” from iMOM is a printable page of ideas to cut up and stick in a jar for the day your kid looks at you and says, “I’m bored.”  It is a great start, and I think it would a good idea to think up your own ideas so you could have a greater selection. And if you’re afraid or rewarding boredom (as some parents are) maybe it can just be the “I’m stuck” jar – for ME as a parent.

Also, a great idea from the August 2012 issue of Parenting Magazine: The “Yes” jar.  “Every time you say, ‘No, not today,'” write down the activity the kids wanted to do. Stick it in the jar, and every now and then have a “Yes Day” or use those activities as more inspiration to make your time interactive.


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