My first “For the Last Time”

Yesterday, I had my first “last” moment. You know, a moment when you realize that you’ve done something you love (or hate) for the last time.

For the last 5 years, we have had a 350-450 person group come to campus (I’m an event manager at a college) that has challenged me, frustrated me, and also made me feel so appreciated for what I do. Each year, I’ve gone to their evening gatherings full of youth (7th-12th grade) and handed out a few prizes to the pumped up crowd. This happens four times during the course of the week, and yesterday was my last time for the week. And ever.

I told them it was my last time, and how special the group has been to me as I’ve watched them spend their week on campus each year, and how I know that they will be well taken care of after I’m gone. They went wild. They were on their feet, screaming and hollering and cheering. Made me feel like a rock star.

I went home and cried. Not for long, and not very hard, but it reminded me of the day I packed up all my Christmas ornaments separate from my family’s because I knew I’d be married and in my own house the following year. Something is changing; I’m moving into the unknown. Something big is changing, but something small reminds me of the change and how big it is.

I’m leaving a job I sometimes love and that sometimes makes me cringe and rage. That was one of the moments that I loved.

What were you touched by or sad to experience for the last time?


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